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"I started singing lessons with Sarah when I was 67.

I had joined a choir for the first time in my life and wanted to understand music and contribute more.

I didn’t want a purely  classical teacher. I was lucky enough to find Sarah.

She taught me a lot of technical things about breathing and body and throat control so that I could make the note I wanted to hear come out of my mouth.

She taught me about music and a variety of styles and genre’s, helping me to enjoy making different sorts of music.

She tried to teach me to read music, I am better than I was and certainly have a greater understanding.

Sarah is fun and my time with her was always one of the highlights of my week.

I felt much more comfortable with my part in the choir and confident enough to sing solo on occasion.

Sarah was approached by a man who was looking for a female jazz singer.

Wow! Sarah encouraged me to go for it.

I did.

I have been singing with a jazz trio for some years now and been stand in with a number of jazz bands over that time. 

I gained so much confidence through my time with Sarah.


Thanks Sarah for turbo charging my later life with musical joy."

Valerie Bracken

"Sarah has been teaching my daughter Lucy for 5 years and her ability and confidence as a singer have really grown with her lessons.

She is a very warm, approachable person who puts you at ease. She has a fun, easy going teaching style combined with technical expertise.

Lucy always laughs as well as sings during her lessons with Sarah and comes out with a big smile.

Sarah pushes her to improve, while making sure she feels comfortable and secure within her abilities. She has prepared Lucy very well for Graded singing exams but has kept focus on building an all around singer, not just passing exams.

I've been so impressed with her teaching that I have had several lessons with her myself. She's a great teacher and it is an absolute pleasure to attend her lessons."

Fran Lloyd.

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