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I have over 20 years of Vocal Tutoring experience.

Students will learn how to use their voice effectively, in order to maximise their singing potential and develop confidence. 

Issues of vocal tone, stamina, range, projection and performance anxiety can be addressed for all vocalists including those already accustomed to singing.

Lessons can be given from my home in Derbyshire.

I also offer online lessons using most platforms i.e. Zoom, Skype, Google Duo etc.

I am adept at helping both beginners and advanced vocalists of all ages.

Lessons are focused on specific criteria chosen in consultation with the student. e.g. one-off performance, voice exams, personal goals, audition, hobby.


Please see the FAQ below for further information and feel free to contact me here​ if you have and questions.

  • How long is a lesson?
    Lessons are often tailored to your ability, age and criteria. Common time lengths are 30/45/60 minute blocks. For example, it is usual for a child under 10 years to manage 30 minutes, compared to an adult who would opt for an hour.
  • How much do the lessons cost?
    Please email me for fees and availability.
  • Can I work towards an exam?
    Absolutely! I have 100% pass rate and I use a few exam boards depending on the genre of music you would like to specialise in. I am happy to organise entry and piano accompaniment to Trinity Grades, and will attempt to be there to support the process on the day.
  • What musical styles can be covered?
    Predominantly Contemporary music including Pop, Rock, Folk, Musical Theatre, Jazz. I am also able to cover classical repertoire for those who are curious or already practising in the genre.
  • Do you teach beginners?
    Yes, there is no experience necessary to learn how to use and develop your voice effectively. Many of my previous and current students began their voice journey with me, it can often be an advantage to not have acquired any negative and potentially limiting habits.
  • Do you teach children?
    Yes I do!...some of my favourite people are small people! Often I find from age 7 a child can cope with a session, however there are always exceptions, always feel free to contact me.
  • Can I record my lesson?
    Yes you can, if you're happy to bring the device or press the record button!
  • How often can I attend lessons?
    As often as you require. For students learning, it may be that you opt for weekly or fortnightly lessons. However, I do have students that will come for a one off session intermittently throughout the year, perhaps for an audition or a project.
  • Can I learn Music Theory?
    You may! I always attempt to include an element of music theory in sessions. I'm happy to support Students who may wish to formally pursue theory, including taking exams. I can recommend many excellent workbooks and resources alongside our lessons.
  • Can I bring my instrument to a lesson?
    Yes Please! The more the merrier! We can incorporate your instrument into the session, especailly if you identify as a Singer-Player, or have a performance you need to practise for.
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